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Micro-Magic Pressure Cooker

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Have dinner ready in no time with the Micro-Magic Pressure Cooker!


  • Great for potatoes, veggies, pasta, meat, casseroles, stews, etc.!
  • 3 COURSE MEALS IN 1 POT – at the same time!
  • Saves time and dishes!
  • Entire meals cooked in one easy step!
  • No cords, or plugs needed!
  • Cooks food 3-10 times faster – saves time!
  • Seals in juices and flavor – without added fat!
  • Non-stick surface – no need to add oil or butter!
  • Looks great – ready to serve!
  • Makes perfect, delicious rice in only 5 minutes!
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe!


The Micro-Magic Pressure Cooker is truly a revolutionary cooking system that combines all the benefits of the traditional pressure cooker with the speed and efficiency of the microwave oven. Will save you a lot of time and dishes. It’s also an amazingly healthy cooking alternative as it seals all the natural juices and needs little or no added fat. Perfect for people who want to lose some weight! The specially engineered locking lid with its built-in adjustable steam control valve, allows heat to circulate for even cooking – just like a convection oven. It keeps food healthy by locking in vitamins, nutrients and preserves flavor. Make all your favorite pasta dishes, casseroles, stews, beans, rice, veggies, fish and meats quickly – all in one convenient pot! Great for reheating leftovers, heating sauces and making soups! Easily steam rice or vegetables without using butter, oil or fats! It’s a lower calorie way to cook food and you will save so much time in the kitchen! Perfect for busy families, singles, couples, retirees and college students alike! Also, it’s very economical to use – you will save money on electric bills! Plus, there are no cords, no mess and it is small, lightweight and portable to take with you wherever you need to go! Made of durable, 100% food safe, Polypropylene. 2 ½ quart capacity. Measures 10.63” x 8.27” x 6.30”. Red color. Measuring cup and recipe book included.


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Helen Brassell

Great product,for my healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend it

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