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LED Solar Easy-Light

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Solar Wall Light With Motion Detector! No Installation, No Wires, No Batteries!

  • Charged by daylight - solar panel on top!
  • Turns on automatically at night with a soft glow!
  • Motion sensor - when someone walks by, the brightness increases instantly!
  • Just peel & stick on any surface for super-bright light anywhere!
  • Stick to wood, glass, plastic, brick, metal - and many more surfaces!
  • Easily attach to a wall, fence or a pole!
  • Buy several units and place them around your yard or your house!
  • Gives a beautiful effect, plus serves as added security!
  • Perfect at the front door or by the garage!
  • Super LED bulbs create superb brightness!
  • No tools or installation needed!
  • Very durable and waterproof! 

The LED Solar Easy-Light is such a unique invention that it has become an instant success! In fact, many customers come back and order more units! The outdoor light is designed to be placed on a wall, fence, post or almost anywhere. It has a smart triangular shape with a solar panel on top - no wires, no installation and no batteries needed! Place these lights wherever you want, just peel and stick! When It gets dark the lights automatically turns on with a glowing effectful light. But here comes the really clever part - it has a built-in motion sensor, so when anyone comes close or walks by - it automatically increases its brightness dramatically. This means added security and an even more stunning effect. Place them around your house or your yard! Perfect at entrances, garages etc.

The material sticks to wood, stucco, plastic, glass, brick, metal and much more (also easy to attach with an included screw, if desired). Easy-Light is very durable and waterproof!

This unique invention will transform your yard and your house - and give you added curb appeal! Plus, you will feel much safer!


Illuminate All Your Yard, House And Garden Like Never Before!

Perfect For:

  • House Walls!
  • Main Entrances!
  • Side/Back Doors!
  • Porches & Terraces!
  • Garden Light!
  • Garages/Sheds!
  • Stairs/Stairwells!


Peel & Stick - So Easy! No Tools & No Wires!

  • Brick!
  • Glass!
  • Stucco!
  • Wall siding!
  • Plastic!
  • Vinyl!
  • Wood!
  • Shingles!
  • And So Much More!


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