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Ear-Pro IQ Sound Amplifier

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  • Save $80

Crystal clear sound quality with 100 hour battery life!

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 Ear-Pro IQ sound amplifier (PSAP)
  • 2 batteries that hold approximately 100 hours of listening time
  • 3 rubberized comfort earplugs in various sizes, letting you enjoy a customized fit, regardless of ear size
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 convenient storage/travel case


  • New hope for men and women of all ages!
  • Revolutionary design for maximum comfort and crystal clear sound quality!
  • The clear tube makes it almost invisible!
  • Super-charges your hearing – increases the weakest sound to audible levels!
  • Incredibly discreet design – only you know it’s there!
  • Listen clearly to conversations without any problems!
  • Lightweight, small, and amazingly comfortable!
  • Fits the contour of your ear (3 earplugs to choose from for a truly customized fit)!
  • The crisp sound clarity will take your breath away (and for this price – simply amazing)!
  • No more tediously frequent battery changes, thanks to economical & energy-efficient construction!
  • A whopping 100 hour use-time per battery!
  • Sound so clear you can hear a pin drop!
  • Completely adjustable volume control!
  • Not sold in stores!


Americans of all ages are lining up to get their hands on the redesigned Ear-Pro IQ – the close to invisible Sound Amplifier with crystal clear sound! It used to cost a fortune to get a personal sound amplifier with good sound quality. However, we have found a way to change that. Our latest sound amplification device, the Ear-Pro IQ Sound Amplifier, offers the same advanced technology as many of the more expensive sound amplifiers do, but at a price anyone can afford.


What makes the Ear-Pro IQ so unique? There are 3 distinct reasons:

1) The sound quality is exceptionally clear!

It makes hearing other people, TVs, radios etc., so much easier. The advanced micro-electronic amplification technology in each Ear-Pro IQ does not disappoint. Buyers quickly see that Ear-Pro IQ truly delivers crystal-clear sound reception.

2) It’s nearly invisible!

Many people are sensitive about this topic, and don’t want their listening devices to be seen. So, the Ear-Pro IQ was designed to be ultra-small, light-weight and very comfortable. In fact, the clear tube design makes it almost invisible. Ear-Pro IQ users report that it’s so incredibly discreet that only they know it’s there.

3) The price is absolutely astounding for the quality you get!

Ear-Pro IQ super-charges your hearing – increases the weakest sound to audible levels – at a super low price that anyone can afford. You can bring it to the theater or the movies and not miss any of the action. Now you can hear the doorbell, a knock on the front door, or a car horn while driving. Enjoy all of nature’s beautiful sounds like you used to.  Hear what others are saying – even if they’re far away.

Each Ear-Pro IQ has adjustable volume control, and fits both the left and right ear. Each one also comes complete with 2 batteries that hold approximately 100 hours of listening time in each. You also get 3 rubberized earplugs in different sizes, so you can enjoy a customized fit, regardless of your ear size.


Not a medical device. This is a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) intended for recreational purposes, and not a hearing aid. Designed for everyone with normal hearing who wants to amplify sounds and voices around them. Not intended for medical purposes or for the hearing impaired, who may need individual advice from specialists.


Prop 65 - Notice to California Residents Only

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