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Super-Active Hand/Wrist Support

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This Innovation Is Exclusively For Those Who Are Serious About Their Wrist Problems!

8 Amazing Features!

  1. Innovative material gives comfortable support!
  2. Gives you mobility, without straining the wrist!
  3. Very breathable material!
  4. Built-in gel paddings on both sides!
  5. Built-in flexible springs for flexible support!
  6. Knitted and extremely durable fabric with polyamide/spandex!
  7. Flexible to adjust to your hand, for a customized fit!
  8. Supportive all around your hand and wrist, while leaving fingers free!

Finally – introducing a professional grade wrist support for a fraction of the normal price! This innovation is the result of years of development, in search for a better solution for men and women with wrist problems. The result is an amazing wrist helper that combines sturdy support with just the right amount of flexibility. How is that possible? There are several important features that made it possible to accomplish that goal. The material is a unique knitted blend of polyamide and spandex. The material is thick enough to give sturdy support, but is still breathable to prevent sweating. The Super-Active Hand/Wrist Support also has a built in flexible support spring, plus built-in gel pads to optimize the support, while still maintaining a level of mobility. Both the front and the back of this product have been developed with every little detail in mind. The strong support acts like a protective shield to reduce stress on the joints, and thereby giving relief from pain and discomfort. The Super-Active Hand/Wrist Support is truly a unique invention that is BOTH REALLY COMFORTABLE AND REALLY SUPPORTIVE! It’s so easy to slip on and off. Very lightweight and washable. For your right hand/wrist. Imported. Wear it all day long – in true comfort! For both men and women of all ages. 2 sizes available, one size covers S/M/L and the larger one covers sizes XL/2XL/3XL. The only difference between the 2 products is the size, so if you are a smaller person you should choose size S/M/L, and if you are a larger person you should choose size XL/2XL/3XL. Very flexible to fit a range of sizes!

  • Designed by orthopedic experts!
  • Professional grade – your wrist deserves a real solution!
  • For both men and women of all ages!
  • Very elastic material to give you a customized, perfect fit!
  • Helps stabilize your wrist, while still allowing proper movement!
  • Easy to slip on or off in seconds!
  • Designed to optimize circulation while giving perfect support!
  • Reduces swelling, stiffness, pain and discomfort!
  • Choose between 2 sizes!
  • Breathable material makes it comfortable to wear all day long!
  • Great support for arthritis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome!
  • You can wear this both day and night – 24 hour pain relief!
  • You save a lot, compared with the competition!




S/M/L (suitable for most women)

XL/2XL/3XL (suitable for most men)

The only difference is the size of the product, so if you are a smaller person you should order size S/M/L, and if you are a larger person you should order size XL/2XL/3XL. Very elastic to fit a range of sizes.



Not a medical device. If you have serious wrist problems, you should always coordinate treatment with your doctor. Results may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Haworth
comfortable, easy on and off, washable, good support for an injured wrist (auto accident)

Easy on and off for an injured wrist on 58 year old female. One of many supports purchased, but this one is our favorite.

Linda Deutscher
Great Support

The only reason that I’m giving it a 4 star rating is that it is only designed for right hand only and there is no option for left hand.

Kimberly Whisnant
It very comfortable!

I have tried many wrist splints like this one and I think this one is most comfortable one I have tried. I like that it doesn’t have Velcro straps and easy to get on and off but I did order a size to big. I would exchange but afraid downsizing would make it to tight. It still works to safe my wrist from straining and aching so I am satisfied!! It’s funny I am looking at bras and found this!!

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