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Total-Spine Posture Corrector

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Innovative Posture Corrector For Amazing Comfort, And Great Relief For Your Back!

  • Perfect for both men & women!
  • Nearly invisible under clothing!
  • Gives you perfect posture immediately!
  • Reduces slouching!
  • Helps to flatten your tummy!
  • Reduces lower back pain!
  • Super-comfortable!
  • Supports your back, torso, and spine!
  • You will stand taller!
  • Gives soothing relief!



The amazing Total-Spine Posture Corrector is guaranteed to be the best posture corrector you've ever tried! Brings your shoulders back into the right position and improves your posture immediately, helping align your backbone correctly at the same time. You'll be standing straighter and will have a better profile and a better posture, all while relieving strain on your back and neck. It automatically holds in your stomach and expands your chest. Amazing – your body will get used to its new upright posture, and will eventually remain in it even when you are not using the device. Special feature – adjustable side-support panels for extra hold! This is a highly comfortable design – feels great against your skin and gives you a totally figure-flattering fit! Discreet – invisible under your clothes! Lightweight and highly elastic. The flexible material contours to your body so you stand taller – and look taller – and it gives you a more youthful silhouette. Adjustable size – comfortable touch close fastener. Broad, padded comfortable straps! Machine washable. Made with comfortable cotton lining, flexible neoprene, nylon, and polyester. You can adjust it in several ways to fit both men and women of all sizes, so one size fits most. If you often get back or neck pain, try the Posture Corrector. Pain in neck and back is often caused by poor posture that puts strain on the neck and back muscles. Wear it when walking, working, exercising – anywhere and anytime! Color: Nude.


  • A-D-J-U-S-T-A-B-L-E for a perfect fit!
  • Helps train your natural posture!
  • Incredibly comfortable to wear all day long!
  • Doesn't cut into your shoulders or underarms!
  • Broad, padded comfortable straps!
  • Automatically helps pull in stomach and expand chest!
  • Brings your shoulder blades and neck in the right position to take the strain off your back!
  • Improves breathing, relaxes muscles!
  • Special feature – adjustable side-support panels for extra hold!
  • Wear anywhere – at home, during work, exercising, running errands, etc!




It's so adjustable to fit various sizes, that one size fits most, both men and women!



Not a medical device. Always consult your doctor if you have back problems. Results will vary. 


Customer Reviews

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It works!

It really does make you stand up straight. Great quality and customer service!

Betty Mankowski
Posture support

Really helps improve posture.


Thank you for great service and a quality product

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