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Oriental Fishnet Pantyhose (Also in Queen Size)

  • Prices starting from $4.95 $29.95
  • Save $25

Spoil your legs and let them show in these pretty pantyhose with a gorgeous pattern! Also available in queen size!



Regular = $9.95

Queen (plus size) = $11.95

Regular = Height 5' - 5'10", Weight 100 - 175 lbs

Queen (plus size) = Height 5'2" - 6'1", Weight 150 - 250 lbs


  • Will spice up any outfit!
  • So comfortable to wear all year round!
  • Beautiful pattern!
  • Great gift for that special one, a sister or a friend!
  • Classic black look – matches your skirts and dresses!
  • Feel like a movie star!
  • Really durable material!
  • Enhances your whole outfit – including your shoes!
  • Show off your legs!
  • Feel classy and luxurious!
  • Priced so you can treat yourself to a whole collection of "spicy" hosiery!


Gorgeous pantyhose that will look really flattering on any legs! Romantic and beautiful! Designed to fit perfectly – no matter what size you are. They have a stunning and unique pattern that makes you feel really special. Great to wear all year round! They look great in the summer as they are made in breathing lace pattern, and they look great in the winter with a pair of high or low boots. They are so comfortable that you barely can feel you're wearing them, even on warmer days! Easy to handwash in warm water with some mild soap. Let drip dry. Fashion import. Choose between many different exquisite patterns! Pick your favorites! Unique and very durable fishnet material of 88% nylon and 12% spandex. They are available in both Regular size and Queen (plus) size!

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