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Automatic Can Opener

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Safely open any can – with no effort and no mess! Hands-free and automatic!

  • Just push the button once!
  • Innovative makes opening cans super easy!
  • Opens cans in seconds!
  • It does the whole job for you!
  • So easy to use!
  • Hands-free operation!
  • Very easy grip!
  • Automatic shut off!
  • Perfect for arthritis sufferers!
  • Will open any can, regardless of size or shape!
  • Manual release button!
  • Great for people with weak or injured wrists or hands!
  • Opens cans quickly and safely!
  • No bare sharp edges when in use!


Do you find it hard to open cans? Or do you dislike opening cans because of the sharp edges and the mess? You are not alone. The Automatic Can Opener will do the job in seconds – hands-free with no effort on your part! Put it in place and just push a button – it moves around the can all by itself – opening any can with a perfect cut! Unique cutting design – leaves no sharp edges. Clean and nice cut every time. The strong, built-in magnet prevents dirty lids from falling into the can. When the work is done, the Automatic Can Opener shuts off automatically. It’s a pure joy to have the right tool for the right job! No electricity needed.  Perfect to keep in your RV, in your cabin or to bring when camping. Battery operated (2 AA batteries, not included). Safely delivers an open can with a clean cut every time! It's the perfect gift for a loved one suffering from arthritis or hand/joint pain.


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