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Turbo-Stick HDTV TV Antenna (FREE Digital TV Channels)

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  • Save $40

Finally, Free Yourself From Ridiculous Cable TV Costs! Get Your Favorite HD Digital TV Channels 100% Free!


  • Save a fortune by “cutting the cord” to Cable TV!
  • Get 100’s of High Definition (HD) digital TV channels all over the U.S.!
  • Bypass cable & satellite companies!
  • The cost of the unit is just a fraction of just one monthly cable TV bill!
  • Get 100% FREE TV year after year!
  • Forget about flimsy and cheap so called TV-antennas sold in stores and on TV!
  • No ugly antennas on the roof or by the TV!
  • Full 1080 HD Pixel signal to your TV!
  • Use it anywhere – in your home, your car, RV, boat, truck, etc!
  • Magnetic base – easy to fasten (and move around) on any metallic surface!
  • Just plug it in and push scan – so easy to set up!
  • Crystal clear TV picture and crisp sound!
  • Plugs into any TV on the market!
  • Unique invention with metallic interior and 360 degrees reception!
  • Constructed for both outdoor and indoor use – always optimal reception!
  • Connect up to 4 TV’s to one Turbo-Stick HDTV!

It’s about time to forget about expensive Cable TV bills that really can ruin almost anyone! And it’s also time to forget about flimsy TV-antennas that are cheaply made and are often sold in stores and on TV with very questionable statements!

Made Possible By Government Mandate!

Presenting the amazing invention Turbo-Stick HDTV, this is the revolutionary breakthrough for everybody who has been waiting for a high quality innovation that lets you watch hundreds of TV-channels across the U.S. for FREE! But that’s not all! All over-the-air channels are now mandated by the government to broadcast all programming in digital format, and most of them are in HD 1080p (High Definition). But to take advantage of that superb technology, you need a high quality TV-antenna that can properly receive the channels and present them on your TV with crisp, clear picture & sound! That’s why Turbo-Stick HDTV is so remarkable, it’s customized to take advantage of all digital TV channels available! It has a unique and portable design with a metal interior that optimizes the reception. It’s small (only 6” high), so you don’t have to show something ugly next to your TV.

Always Optional Reception – (indoors or outdoors)!

An important feature is the long cable (16' 5" long) that makes it easier to find the best location for optimal reception – and more channels with crisp and clear picture and sound. It’s built to be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s also magnetic for easy placement on any metallic surface! This is an appreciated feature for long haul truck drivers who just fasten the antenna outside their cabin when it’s time for rest!

Digital And HD!

When we first read the reviews and comments from those that had already tested Turbo-Stick HDTV, we were very skeptical. It just sounded too good to be true, especially for the amazingly low price! But we decided to try it out in various locations. We were not only convinced, we were blown away! We couldn’t believe that such a compact invention could provide so many TV channels and such amazing HD picture and sound, and we were even more amazed when we considered the low price! The amazing thing is that this device is perfectly legal – in fact it is a government mandate that makes all over-the-air TV-stations obligated to send out all their signals in digital format! You can enjoy your favorite stations  watch sports, gameshows, news, sitcoms, dramas, and much, much more! You can even watch channels that cable doesn’t offer!

Start Saving Now!

We are proud to share this revolutionary invention with the American public. We hear from so many how fed up they are with their Cable TV providers or their Satellite Dish companies – and their constantly increasing prices! Take this chance to take control and eliminate one crazy cost from your budget! Turbo-Stick HDTV comes with complete easy-to-use instructions and it’s backed by a 90-day Money Back Guarantee. You should be 100% satisfied, or you get your money back (less S/H). Available in White. Order today, directly from us and START SAVING! 

Use this amazing invention anywhere:

  • Around your house, in any room!
  • Dorm rooms!
  • RV’s and Campers!
  • Boats!
  • Truck-drivers love it!
  • Work shop and garage!
  • Offices and other workplaces!
  • Tailgating or outside parties!

Yes, everywhere you can think of, as long as you have power for your TV!






Some of the comments:


"I was surprised how many channels I got. Good Price. And no more cable bills."

"The picture is great. All channels in my area are sent in HD."

"So easy to use. Just plug in – find the best spot for the antenna and hit scan."

"I'm getting NBC, CBS, FOX, local channels, actually all the channels I need. One low price for the antenna and that's all!"

"So great with the magnetic function! Can always find the ideal spot on my semi."

"I like that you can use it both indoors and outdoors to get the best possible reception."

"Plugged it in, followed the instructions, and got a ton of channels to watch. One less expense in my life!"

"I got over 50 channels right away! With no bills or monthly cost! I'm a really happy customer."



Technical Info:

Turbo-Stick HDTV provides a unique solution to get all channels that are broadcasted over-the-air in digital format in your area. Works up to 100 miles radius from the transmitting tower, but the closer you are (ideal is 25 miles), the better reception. Results will vary depending on distance to broadcast towers but also interference, such as mountains, buildings, etc. With Turbo-Stick HDTV you don’t need any contract and there are no monthly fees to pay. Receives high VHF/UHF signals (most digital channels are broadcasted in HD, but not necessary all channels). Use with all TV’s on the market today. Cannot receive signals that are sent from cable or satellite companies. Some TV’s manufactured before 2007 might not have digital tuner with ATSC. How many channels you will receive in different areas depends on location. Can be used with up to 4 TV’s with cable-splitter of your choice (not included). Extension cord can be used (not included). Full 90-day money back guarantee (less S/H).


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Turbo stick is wonderful
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These antena is súper work perfect
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