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Ultra-Boost HD30 Rechargeable Sound Amplifier

  • $29.95 $119.95
  • Save $90

Virtually Invisible & Rechargeable! Micro-Technology To Make You Hear All Sounds Louder & Clearer!

The 7 Main Reasons To Choose Ultra-Boost HD30 Sound Amplifier!

1. It’s rechargeable (save money)!
2. Very comfortable to wear!
3. Crystal clear sound amplification!
4. Practical case for storage or travel!
5. Virtually invisible, thanks to the tiny tube!
6. Up to 45 hours use-time on each charge!
7. The price represents an extreme value!

All this is included in your set:

  • Ultra-Boost HD30 PSAP Rechargeable Sound Amplifier with on/off and volume control!
  • Power adapter for charging!
  • Charging stand with light indicator!
  • 3 earpieces in different sizes!
  • One extra set with 3 earpieces and cleaning tool!
  • Instruction manual!
  • Sturdy storage/travel box!


  • Hear everything you’ve been missing - loud and clear!
  • Listen to the TV and hear everything – without turning up the volume and disturbing others!
  • Participate in conversations from a distance – don’t miss a word!
  • Bring it to the theater or the movies!
  • Hear all of nature’s sounds!
  • Hear what others are saying – even if they are far away!
  • So many more recreational uses!
  • Go from ordinary hearing to SUPER HEARING in SECONDS!

Many are shocked when they hear the price of this hearing invention! “What?? so little money for a premium, rechargeable sound amplifier?” is a reaction we get over and over again. Ultra-Boost HD30 is very comfortable to wear, rechargeable to save money, delivers crystal clear sound and is virtually invisible when you wear it! The tiny tube makes it almost invisible when you wear it. And it’s easy to use and take care of – just charge it overnight and you’re ready for a new day. In fact, each charge gives you up to 45 hours use-time – that is amazing! The Ultra-Boost HD30 comes with its own charging stand and power adapter – you save a lot of money! Plus you get a very sturdy travel case! And it’s yours for a very low price – that’s unheard of in this industry. Lightweight, compact and comfortable. Just turn it on and transform ordinary hearing into SUPER HEARING, thanks to the advanced micro-electronic amplification technology. Turn up the volume on all sounds and voices around you – without disturbing others! The unit will fit any left or right ear. Gives you a boost in volume so you never miss a word again! We
recommend that you buy 2 complete sets, one for each ear!


  • It’s rechargeable - put an end to expensive battery changes!
  • Small, lightweight and very comfortable to wear!
  • Up to 45 hours use-time per charge!
  • A tiny tube makes it almost invisible!
  • Adjustable volume control!
  • For both men and women!
  • Fit the contour of your ear!


Not a medical device. This is a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) intended for recreational purposes, and not a hearing aid. Designed for everyone with normal hearing who wants to amplify sounds and voices around them. Not intended for medical purposes or for the hearing impaired, who may need individual advice from specialists.


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life saver!
sound amplifier
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