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Micro-Ear HD Rechargeable Sound Amplifier

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  • Save $40

Crystal clear sound, rechargeable to save you money, and virtually invisible!


The Main Reasons To Order The Micro-Ear HD Today:

1. Almost Invisible!

The advanced microprocessor technology makes it so small – it fits discreetly into your ear. It’s hardly noticeable, only you know it’s there. Very low weight and therefore comfortable to wear. 3 ear-tips are included to make sure every ear gets a good fit.

2. It's Rechargeable!

You save a lot of money, thanks to its rechargeable function. Charge it with the included wall adapter or through any USB-outlet. You can actually save thousands of dollars in replacement batteries over the years! Plus, it’s so convenient and time-saving!

3. Crystal Clear Sound!

This amazing unit delivers exceptional sound that you would normally find in much more expensive hearing products. This Sound Amplifier turns ordinary hearing into super-hearing! Crystal clear sound makes you hear lots of sounds you’ve been missing! Hear all sounds so much louder & clearer!


  • Rechargeable – no expensive battery replacements!
  • For both men and women!
  • Advanced microprocessor technology in miniature format!
  • No cords, nothing behind the ear – it’s both comfortable and attractive!
  • Easy to charge with the included wall adapter or USB-cable!
  • Supercharges your hearing as soon as you put it in your ear! Turns ordinary hearing into SUPER HEARING!


This is an amazing limited-time offer you don’t want to miss! The Micro-Ear HD is rechargeable, so there is no need for costly battery changes! It’s so small and lightweight that it fits in your ear to be virtually invisible when you wear it. It delivers crystal clear sound – you can even hear a pin drop! Complete set in durable storage/travel case, including wall adapter for charging and USB-cable you can use to charge it through any USB-outlet. Adjustable volume control. Design may vary slightly.

Why is the price so low for this super-quality? We cut away unnecessary middlemen and sell directly to you. We manufacture large quantities and pass the savings on to you! We recommend that you purchase 2 sets, one for each ear!


So Many Uses:

  • Listen to the TV and hear everything louder – without disturbing others!
  • Bring it to the theater or the movies!
  • Hear more easily what others are saying!
  • Hear all of nature's sounds!


All This Included:

  • Micro-Ear HD Rechargeable Sound Amplifier (PSAP)
  • Durable case with zipper (for storage/travel)
  • Carrying strap for case
  • Power adapter for charging (including USB-cable for any USB-outlet)
  • 3 different ear tips
  • Cleaning brush
  • Volume adjusting helper


Not a medical device. This is a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) intended for recreational purposes, and not a hearing aid. Designed for everyone with normal hearing who wants to amplify sounds and voices around them. Not intended for medical purposes or for the hearing impaired, who may need individual advice from specialists.


  WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
roger torres

Good product and fast delivery.

Marianne M
this thing works

Ive tried quiet a few sound amplifiers from different companies but I think this one was the one that worked best. the sound is very clear and I like the volume control feature so when things are to loud I can just turn it down a bit.

David F.
was really surprised

I was not expecting this to work as wel as it did seeing how small and lightweigt it was. Good alternative to super expensive hearing aids from the doctor. Its so convenient to charge, plus I save a lot of money (no batteries to buy)! Really liking the rechargable feature.

Cindy W.
Good Quality

I like it. It works well and one charge lasts long. I like that its so lightweight too. The earpiece is so comfortable, I often forget that I'm wearing it!! I'm getting another one to give to my friend who is also hard of hearing.

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