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Hidden Key Frog

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Never lock yourself (or your kids) out again! Plus, looks great in your garden!


  • Always know where you have a spare key!
  • Adorable little frog will hold your key safely hidden!
  • Perfect when a neighbor or a friend need access to your home!
  • Easy to hide in your garden camouflage green!
  • Decorative, if you want it to be visible!
  • Solid cast iron construction will last year after year!
  • Great for kids when they come home before you!
  • Keeps your key away from dirt and water no rust!
  • Also great for keys to your bicycle, your shed, patio or garage!


Cute little key holder that looks just like a frog. Smart way to hide a key that only the right people know where it is. Make sure your kids never get locked out. Easy to hide under shrubs or plants will blend in. Now you can call your neighbor or a relative to let the dog out or water your plants, when you get held up. Perfect to let workers in to fix things in your house or in your garage, or anyone who you trust to have access to your property. Great when you forget your keys at work or just want to go for a walk, and don’t bring your key with you. Your little froggy-friend will keep it for you safe and secure! Size 2" x 3" x 2".

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Safe Frogg

Love my little frog that holds my key. Cute and great quality. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

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