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Posture Comfort Bra

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Front hooks, stretch-lace, super-lift, and posture correction – ALL IN ONE BRA!








  • Provides instant lift for a beautiful bustline!
  • Wonderful super s-t-r-e-t-c-h material makes it really comfortable to wear!
  • Cups that self-adjust to periodic changes in your body!
  • Feminine and luxurious lace material!
  • Hooks in the front make it easy to slip on and off!
  • X-shaped reinforcements in the back provide perfect posture and support!
  • Extra-wide shoulder straps distribute the weight – easy on the shoulders!
  • Relieves strain on your back!
  • Sculpting cups that prevent a sagging bust – always a perfect fit!
  • So soft – wonderful to wear all day long!
  • Lifts and shapes your bust to perfection!
  • No painful and uncomfortable underwire!
  • Cradles your bust in pure comfort!
  • Available in 5 colors!
  • Breathable material!


Say no to sag and slouch! Now presenting the bra with amazing support, incredible comfort, beautiful lace, and super-stretch! This will quickly become your favorite bra! The wonderful Posture Comfort Bra has a robust X-shaped design in the back that provides serious spinal support – it pulls back your shoulders to improve your posture. Along with the wide shoulder straps, the reinforcements relieve the weight of your bust and ease back and shoulder pressure. The bra helps you walk and sit more upright. It lifts and sculpts your bust to perfection. The wider back part also makes rolls and bulges disappear and creates a smooth line even under a tight fitting top. Amazing support, without any annoying underwire! Hooks in front can be adjusted to the desired width. So convenient to slip on or off, no more hard-to-reach back hooks! Beautiful stretch-lace, even on the shoulder bands! This bra has all the practical and comfortable functions without sacrificing the luxurious and feminine look! Fashion import with unique blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex that cradles your bust in pure comfort. 5 colors: Black, White, Nude, Grape, and Blue! Machine washable. One cup stretches to fit cup sizes B to E. Sizes S/M to 3XL. Don't miss this opportunity to own a really comfortable, lifting, and supportive bra that still looks cute and gorgeous!



 No slouching!

 No underwire!

 No hard-to-reach back hooks!

 No dig-in shoulder bands!

 No neck and shoulder pain!

 No discomfort!

 No uncomfortable cups!

 No rolling or bunching!

 No chafing!

 No back fat or bra lines!

 No saggy bust!

 No straps to adjust!




Choose the size you would normally order for a regular top or T-shirt.

S/M = 4-8  (32-38)

L = 10-14  (40-42)

XL = 16-18  (44-46)

2XL = 20-24  (48-50)

3XL = 26-30  (52-56)

One cup stretches to fit cup sizes B, C, D, DD, and E.

Customer Reviews

Based on 492 reviews
Connie Miller
Best bra I ever had

I have purchased other bras and usually disappointed. Always had underwire and not comfortable and straps don’t stay up. This bra is the best I have ever had. Straps stay in place, comfortable and plenty of support. I will be definitely buying more.

Doris Del Verde
Comfort bra

Perfect fit. I like it very much. I will soon be ordering more. I just really like it. I have lots of medical problems, I’m 87 yrs. I just cannot wear the under wires anymore. I’ve tried many bras now and I am not lying, this bra I got is just perfect and I’m big busted so I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was. Thank you

Gretchen Hammond

Fits well and is comfortable. I’ve had trouble in the past ordering bras on line, they don’t fit well. But I’m pleased with this one.

Kathy Evans
great bra

I loved the bra, however I did not order the right size. I am returning the package via post tomorrow and hope my exchange goes as well as the buying. I received the order in an unbelievable short 1 week. I was so thrilled to get them so fast and very impressed. I was really disappointed that the bra did not fit me. It fit around my chest but the cup just barely covered a 1/4 of my breast. I am hoping the next size up will be a lot better. AND you made the return to exchange very easy to do.
The bra was confortable, pretty and easy to put on with the front closooure. And the price I paid was economical and surprising. Thank you.

J Gayle Graven

The most comfortable bra I've ever worn. Threw away all my other bras after wearing one of these after one day.

Wanda McCormick
Nice Bra

The bra was very comfortable and really did help my back pain. The one problem I had was where the clips are in the front. After a good few hours, I felt confined and the bra actually hurt where the clips are. I kept tugging and trying to stretch the bra so I could breathe easier. An improvement on that would help out tremendously.

lina dyen
I bought four so far, have received two and are very happy with them they fit just right!

very comfortable and fit just right

Bonnie Sween
Comfortable Bra

This bra is So comfortable.... It is easy to put on with just the right support for me...

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