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Super-Slimming Pants

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Super-Slimming Pants – Innovative High-Waist Leggings To Shape Your Body, All The Way From Your Tummy Down To Your Ankles!









  • Unique design and material to slim your tummy and create that hourglass figure!
  • Double layer waist band flattens your stomach!
  • Higher in the back for a serious butt lift!
  • Unique material shapes your thighs!
  • The high waist makes your legs look longer!
  • Very comfortable and breathable!
  • Gives you that perfect fit!
  • So versatile  use them for any occasion!
  • Smart to buy several pairs (and several colors) to always have a fresh pair handy!
  • Targets all your trouble spots!


Finally – the leggings that let you forget about lumps and bumps!

At last  introducing the Super-Slimming Pants – the amazing leggings that shape your whole lower body. PLUS, they shape your tummy to perfection! Are you fed up with ordinary leggings that often only make lumps and bumps even more visible? Then it’s time to try this new innovation! Normal pants have a waistband that sits below the waist, thereby creating the ‘muffin-top’ that so many women dread. In fact, many normal pants and leggings can even restrict your movements. The innovative Super-Slimming Pants can't be compared to normal leggings! These new leggings will shape your body in all the right places! Plus, they are so comfortable to wear, and they are really breathable and very flexible. They are great-looking for all occasions! The Super-Slimming Pants have a waistband that is extra high and covers your waist! The waist portion even has a double layer for extra hold-in for your tummy – amazing results! The leggings even go higher in the back and has a special design to give you a serious butt-lift. And the whole design that stretches from under your bra, all the way down to your ankles, is focused on a smooth and toned form. Transform your body in seconds and look thinner instantly! Forget about normal leggings – when you have tried the Super-Slimming Pants, you never want to go back! These pants will make you look slimmer and more toned, and with a lifted butt! And they are very high quality leggings, with just the right thickness! The leggings are full length and come in one size that fits most from M to XL (6 - 18). Imported. Machine wash. Polyester/spandex blend. 6 hot colors to choose from. Available in colors: Black, Charcoal, Coffee, Forest Green, Navy, and Wine.



So elastic, supportive, and flexible. Designed so one size fits most from M-XL (6 - 18).

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Great look and feel

I purchased these pants in four different colors and have only had the opportunity to wear one pair at this point, but I feel that this one pair is most likely comparable to the others with the only thing different being the color. The pants look and feel great. They are very comfortable to wear if I am participating in an activity or just lounging around the house.
I was also impressed with how quickly the product arrived at my house after I placed my order. No complaints from me at this time.

The pants fit fantastic.

These pants are perfect for anyone. They hold your body in and your look beautiful in them. I think,everyone will be satisfied with your pants.

Loved them

I really like everything I have ordered from PrimoComfort! Will be ordering more.

Best leggings fit

These leggings fit perfectly, as advertised. They hold in what needs to be held in. Yet the fit is comfortable. Will ordering again in another color.

Super SLIMMING Pants

I love the fit! Excellent QUALITY and QUICK shipping!


Oh my goodness, I am sure that I will be ordering more of these, love the look, feel, and comfortable fit


They hold in your stomach pretty good, very comfortable.

Slimming Pants

II was very happy with the slimming pants especially the high waist band that took care of my belly roll.

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