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Magnetic Bug Screen

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Leave the bugs outside! Closes automatically behind you!


  • Closes automatically every time – thanks to 18 powerful magnets!
  • Perfect for front doors, sliding doors, patio doors, back doors, cabin doors, balcony doors, RVs, campers, etc.!
  • So convenient when you’re carrying something!
  • Instant open! Instant closure!
  • Easily adjusts to different heights and widths (for doors from 30" to 40" wide)!
  • Hands-free, thanks to the central opening – just walk right through it!
  • Folds up for easy storage when not in use!
  • Installs in seconds – with the included fasteners!
  • No tools required!
  • Easy to put and take down. Can easily be moved from door to door!
  • Very discreet black mesh!
  • Also lets your dog or cat walk in and out with ease!


Super-easy to go in and out – just walk right through! The bug screen closes automatically behind you. Closes with 18 powerful magnetic fasteners in the middle. No more slamming screen doors! Perfect wherever your are bothered by mosquitos and other bugs. Just take it down when the season is over and fold it for easy storage. Easy to bring with you when camping or on hotel stays. So much better than mosquito nets over your bed – stops the bugs from entering in the first place! Installs in seconds with the included fasteners. Very durable construction and sleek, modern design. Always held down and in place with the weighted bottom trim. This magnetic door bug screen is perfect when you want to keep the door open to enjoy the beautiful weather. Let fresh air in – but keep those nasty mosquitoes, flies and wasps out. Fine-weave mesh makes sure even the smallest bugs are kept out. Can be adjusted for different heights (up to 87") and widths for doors from 30"- 40" wide. Great for all types of doors, including sliding doors and doors that open inwards or outwards. No damage to the door frame – therefore also perfect for apartments and condos.


2 – 83” x 19.75” Mesh panels (Total Assembled width 39.5”) for doors between 30" and 40" width
12 – Hook & loop strips
20 – Thumb tacks


  WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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screen door

Where I live the apartments do not have a screen door. This allows me to cool my house and not allow the bugs in.

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