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Pro-Bamboo Knee-Helper

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Amazing & Instant Relief From Knee Pain With The Pro-Bamboo Knee-Helper!

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  • Gives you incredible support!
  • Helps relieve knee pain!
  • Moves with your body’s movements!
  • Mind blowing comfort!
  • Soothing thanks to soft material made with bamboo!
  • Improves circulation!
  • Relieves stiffness!
  • Helps your skin “breathe”!
  • Reduces the stress and pressure on your knee joint!
  • Lubricates bone-on-bone issues with infrared heat and blood flow!

Developed by knee experts!
Welcome to the NEW invention for millions of women and men in need of a REAL SOLUTION to their knee problems. It’s not that hard to design a knee support that is comfortable, and it’s not that hard to create a knee support that gives sturdy and beneficial support. The TRICK is to combine both of these features into the same product. That’s why a team of knee specialists spent years creating the Pro-Bamboo Knee-Helper – a new and unique invention that is BOTH REALLY COMFORTABLE AND REALLY SUPPORTIVE! They tested every little feature in this product and made sure that your whole knee gets support, but that you could still comfortably wear it all day long – in true comfort!

Incredible Invention Helps Keep You Active!
We have not found any knee product that matches the unique Pro-Bamboo Knee-Helper! It gives your knee that support, compression and circulation that it needs, while still being very comfortable – in fact, you might even forget you have it on!

The unique material includes a unique viscose fiber made from bamboo, developed for its amazing softness, and how breathable it is. It wicks away moisture and provides incredible stretch and elasticity.

When You Have Had Enough!
If you are fed up with knee pain or if you suffer from bone-on-bone problems, this could very well be the invention you’ve been waiting for! It’s developed for men and women of all ages who want to live an active life!
It’s made to prevent rashes, discomfort and fatigue – so that you can wear it during long time periods. Still, the incredible support acts like another layer of ligament that reduces stress on your joints and your knee cap.

You have to try it – 90 day return policy!
If you wear it under your pants, it’s thin enough so nobody will notice it. So easy to slip on or off. Very lightweight. Washable. Imported quality product that is very stretchable to adapt to most sizes. It gives you a good fit, regardless if you are petite or a person with larger legs. You have to try it on to fully experience how it adapts to your specific body. 60% viscose from bamboo, 20% cotton, 10% spandex and 10% magnetic material.

  • The unique material made with bamboo gives you an amazing feeling!
  • Great support, without being constrictive!
  • Very stretchable and elastic to give you non-stop help!
  • Self-adjusts to your body’s movements!
  • Improves circulation for fantastic relief!
  • Helps stabilize your knee and prevent twisting!
  • Built-in magnets strategically placed!
  • Reflects your body’s natural heat for deep infrared heat therapy!
  • No sweating thanks to the breathable material!
  • For both men and women of all ages!
  • The amazing stretch-material adapts to different sizes!
  • So lightweight you might forget you're wearing it!
  • Super-easy to slip on or off in seconds!
  • Gives just the right compression for your whole knee cap!
  • Helps with shock absorption!
  • The unique material (made with bamboo) wicks away moisture!

Not a medical device. If you have serious knee problems, you should consult with your doctor. Results will vary. No health claims regarding magnetic therapy are expressed or implied. Magnetic products are not intended for people with pacemakers.

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